Coffey: serves Vernon as it navigates post-VY future

VERNON — I enthusiastically support Sara Coffey as state representative for the Windham-1 seat to Montpelier.

In my line of work at the School for International Training, I understand how important it is for people to talk with each other and sit together in community. Sara has done exactly that.

Sara continues to come over the ridge to Vernon and meet with various community leaders to learn about the issues and concerns that face our community here. As Vernon continues to adjust to life post–Vermont Yankee, her remarkable efforts to engage in the transition for Vernon shows her commitment to safety, economic development, and vitality of our larger southern Vermont community.

During her time in Montpelier, Sara has championed causes such as the Global Warming Solutions Act and access to child care - a cause near and dear to this voter's heart.

In Vernon and our greater community, post-VY, we really need someone who can bring the creative solutions needed to strengthen workforce development and job creation. Sara has that experience as she runs for her second term.

She has proven to be transparent and accessible even as our community navigates the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Windham-1 needs someone who cares passionately about the district, who will continue to bring fresh, creative ideas to Montpelier, and who has the track record of getting people to talk to each other.

Sara Coffey has that experience, both professionally and as a member of this community.

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