Justice for people and planet

Leaders and legislators must support all people, especially those historically marginalized

WESTMINSTER — There has never been a more important election in my lifetime than what we are in the midst of this fall. The future of our nation, our state, and our Supreme Court are all at stake.

I decided to run for a seat in the Vermont House of Representatives in 2020, representing Windham-4 - Westminster, Dummerston, and Putney - to work for justice for our people and our planet.

Some of our leaders are not working for the benefit of all. The president creates policies that harm people in the U.S., on our borders, and around the world. Gov. Phil Scott has vetoed legislation designed to support vulnerable Vermonters (both a raise of the minimum wage and medical and family leave), and he recently took a stand against our environment, vetoing the Global Warming Solutions Act.

We need a governor who will work with the Vermont Legislature, not against it.

We need leaders and legislators who will work to support the needs and interests of all people, especially those who have been historically marginalized. I have spent my career as a teacher and social-justice advocate working on behalf of youth and vulnerable adults. I will continue to do that in the State House and hope to help build a Vermont that works for everyone.

I ask for your support. I look forward to representing the people of my district in the years to come and working with legislators from around the state with our incumbent Rep. Mike Mrowicki, who has been serving the district effectively for many years.

Please vote by Nov. 3. Here's hoping that date will mark the beginning of change that moves our region, our state, and our country in a direction toward healing and thriving.

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