Zuckerman: a voting record more in line with what Vermonters want

EAST DUMMERSTON — Many Vermonters are excited to be “doing so well” as a state - so well that people are moving here in droves and real estate purchases are through the roof. One of the things that the newcomers are excited about is that Vermont is both clean and green.

Recently, the Legislature passed the Global Warming Solutions Act. The act (versions of which other states have also passed) will allow us, the citizens, to hold Vermont accountable for doing all the things we want and need to do to promote climate justice and prevent climate meltdown.

Vermont is going to enjoy the results of the GWSA in spite of the fact that Republican Gov. Phil Scott vetoed the bill. Luckily, representatives of both parties overrode the veto, and now the GWSA is law.

I bring this up because I have heard some well-meaning friends and neighbors say that they plan to vote for Scott.

It appears that he is benefiting from the fact that the vast majority of Vermonters are reasonable people who want to take care of their neighbors by wearing masks and practicing scientifically proven practices (social distancing, hand washing, etc.) to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Scott is seen as having been a “good leader” during the pandemic.

It bugs me that Scott has simply been a normal leader acting like so many other normal leaders throughout the world. We have become so accustomed to abnormal, sociopathic leaders that when one acts reasonably, they garner a level of respect that they don't necessarily deserve.

Scott has also vetoed:

• increasing the minimum wage.

• requiring a 24-hour waiting period for handgun purchases.

• implementing a statewide Family and Medical Leave Program.

• holding corporations accountable for the release of toxic substances into our environment.

David Zuckerman is currently the lieutenant governor and a farmer. If you want a governor who has proven experience - and whose voting record is more in line with what the people of Vermont actually want - please vote for him.

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