Not as many bleeding-heart liberals are talking as conservatives think

Conservatives often have a hard time distinguishing between bleeding heart liberals and anyone who is not a conservative. Now is a good time for them to learn the difference.

The attacks on the Capitol building in D.C. have all of America, and indeed, most of the world, speaking.

The bleeding heart liberals are the ones who are saying things like this: “You know, maybe these rioters that stormed the Capitol building are victims of President Trump's lies and manipulation - maybe we should give them a shadow of a doubt and some leniency, because they have been misled by the president, internet conspiracy theories, and false news.

“Perhaps they are not really domestic terrorists, but just good people who trusted the president wholeheartedly - by all rights, a thing any American should be able to do in ordinary times - and they are really victims.

“Perhaps what they really need are not prison sentences, but the mental health support and victim services to understand what happened to them and how they were taken advantage of.

“Many of them were influenced by well-perpetuated internet conspiracy theories and false news and were completely manipulated and controlled by the creators of these false stories as well as following the instructions of the president of the United States.

“While the harm done during the rioting cannot be overlooked and the lives lost cannot be ignored, it is important to consider how these fellow citizens - Americans who were absolutely sure they were doing their patriotic duty - were so manipulated by others. We have to be careful not to victim-blame, and in many ways, the rioters are also victims.”

I think many conservatives will find that there are actually way fewer bleeding-heart liberals than they actually thought there were if they pay careful attention to the conversations in their community surrounding the Capitol building riots.

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