Dangerous elements on both sides of the political spectrum

I have heard the outrage about the march on the Capitol in Washington, D.C. I have heard lawmakers were afraid for their lives.

I am betting that regular civilians trying to live their lives in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, and other cities felt that exact same fear when violent protesters set fires, destroyed businesses, and viciously attacked the police. They marched under different banners, but their results were the same: Fear and danger to everyone.

We were horrified that anyone broke into the Capitol and should have been equally horrified when protesters attacked federal courthouses and tried to kill the federal law enforcement officers sent there to protect those buildings. Failure to act emboldened violent people of all political affiliations. They believe if they are upset about anything, violence is an appropriate response that will go unchecked.

When do we agree there are dangerous elements on both sides of the political spectrum?

When do we agree that violence must be condemned, no matter the cause behind it or who is committing it?

When do we say that all violent protesters will be arrested and stopped?

When do we condemn all politicians who incite violence by saying any protests should never stop, but go on and on until their desired objective is met?

The political class as a whole has been inciting violence for a long time now. Can we honestly say we are horrified or surprised it finally hit the Capitol?

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