The so-called ‘patriots’ are acting like children

HALIFAX — I sort of understand the mindset of people who refuse to follow recommendations for reducing the risk of COVID-19, like wearing masks and avoiding crowds.

When I was 11 years old and walked to school every day with my brother, we would go a long way out of our way to avoid the crossing guards, who would tell us when it was safe to cross the street.

“This is a free country,” we'd shout. “No one can tell me when to cross the street.”

But I grew up.

With age, I realized that the direction of the crossing guards, like speed limits and stop signs and anti-COVID masks, was designed to protect me. Various regulations might be annoying, but overall, they are designed to protect us all. Refusing to follow such regulations or suggestions is childish.

The so-called “patriots” (it's not clear to me why some people think that trashing the Capitol is patriotic) have yet to grow up, if they ever will. They're acting like children. They're throwing tantrums. They're seeking attention and taking selfies.

Real adults don't exhibit such behaviors. Real adults use reason instead of lying on the floor kicking and screaming. Real adults learn to argue instead of smashing windows.

If people want to be taken seriously, they have to stop acting like 11-year-old children.

People, grow up!

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