Theatre Adventure receives grant from Robin Foundation

BRATTLEBORO — Theatre Adventure, Inc., an inclusive nonprofit organization for youth and adult actors with developmental disabilities, has been awarded “a substantial grant” from the Robin Foundation.

According to a news release from the nonprofit's board of directors, the funds will be used to retain professional staff and contractor services, including bookkeeping, grant writing, marketing, and web development.

Theatre Adventure provides opportunities for people with disabilities to learn and grow while cultivating their imaginations, problem-solving capabilities, and social skills.

Participants in the program learn to work as a team, act as positive role models, think reflectively, and see projects through to completion.

According to the organization, based at the West Village Meeting House in West Brattleboro, it has “come to be recognized as one of the region's only theater arts environment for youth and adults with disabilities to come together in a creative, respectful, and nurturing learning setting.”

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