Let’s hold our shared values for Rockingham

ROCKINGHAM — We have just passed the one-year anniversary of the Let's Take Action Rockingham program set up by our town. During our many hours of conversation and deliberation, we came up with a vision for the future of Rockingham.

Today, as we look back over the past year and are getting to go to Town Meeting either in person or via Zoom, is a great time to review what we held up as priorities for our community. The following is a quote from the Rockingham Report and Action Plan, published April 2020.

“These points of vision were compiled from vision statements that were shared during Community Visit Meetings and supported by the majority of participants at the Resource Meeting and an online survey. The statements represent broad hopes that the majority of responding residents have for the long-term good of the greater Rockingham community.

“Rockingham residents look to a future for the community where:

“Rockingham is a vibrant and thriving community.

“We care for this beautiful place - the architecture, the river, and the environment.

“All people are welcomed, accepted, and supported in Rockingham - all age groups can grow and thrive here.

“There is a high quality of life with affordable housing, a livable wage, quality child care, and accessible transportation options for all who need them.

“Rockingham is a mecca for the arts.

“This town is known as a great place to raise a family.

“Our children want to come back to Rockingham and raise their children.

“Small and large businesses are thriving because the economy is strong.

“There are opportunities for young people to get jobs out of high school.

“Our local economy is resilient in the face of climate change and we consider climate change in every decision that we make.

“We give back.

“Rockingham is a community we can all be proud of.”

Let's hold these values.

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