Speakers will explore the Connecticut River watershed

This year, the Local River Subcommittees of the Connecticut River Joint Commissions (CRJC) will work together to celebrate and learn more about the Connecticut River - its history, science, and culture- and invite residents of the Connecticut River Valley to join and participate.

The 2021 Riverwide speaker series will host four events to occur online on Tuesdays at 6 p.m.

Topics include “River Paths for Wildlife” on March 23, “Future of Invasive Species Management” on May 25, “A History of the Connecticut” on Sept. 28, and “Water Quality & Green Infrastructure” on a date to be determined in November.

Also this year, CRJC members are working to advance water-quality monitoring of the Connecticut River and will welcome volunteers.

To register or find out more about the series, or to find out more about water-quality monitoring, visit crjc.org/lrs.

The CRJC's mission is to preserve and protect the visual, ecological, and agricultural resources of the Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont, as well as guide its growth and development.

The five CRJC Local River Subcommittees, which include all 53 riverfront communities, comment on river-related permits and watershed planning.

Enabled by both states, volunteer commissioners and members act as the organization's “eyes and ears” on river-related issues. In addition, members advance public awareness and involvement on issues of local priority.

For more information, contact CRJC at [email protected] or 603-727-9484.

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