Time to come home from Afghanistan

BRATTLEBORO — The war in Afghanistan is 20 years old now. Troops enlisting today were born after this conflict began. These young people who sign up to defend our country deserve to have a government that does not waste their lives unnecessarily.

Step one is for President Biden to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

What began as a mission to root out al Qaeda in Afghanistan has morphed into a protracted quagmire with no clear goals or objectives, no end in sight, and too many senior military leaders unwilling to admit the truth. It's time for us to recognize the limits of what military might can accomplish and give diplomacy a chance.

Ending the forever war in Afghanistan and ever-expanding U.S. military deployments all over the globe is the real way to restore our country's leadership and influence. It will make us a stronger example for other nations to follow, and it will allow us to focus our resources and attention on more urgent challenges.

But most importantly, it will give us a chance to support the troops by bringing them home to their families.

The military members, veterans, and their families who have carried the bulk of the burden for the past 20 years can tell you that it is time for us to come home from Afghanistan.

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