Repair work continues on storm-damaged roads

BRATTLEBORO — The Department of Public Works continues to have crews out in several areas of town working on road repairs following the severe rainstorm on July 17.

Motorists and residents are asked to continue to use caution on roadways when approaching crews and equipment working on these repairs and to expect delays.

According to a news release from Highway & Utilities Superintendent Dan Tyler, these are the projects that are ongoing this week:

Hinesburg Road: With the failure of the stone culvert at the intersection of Hinesburg and Melchen roads, Hinesburg Road will remain closed for several weeks while repairs take place. The rain also caused the edge of the road to wash out in a few areas, and crews will be working to repair the edge of the road and secure the guardrails.

Goodenough Road: Crews will be working to replace damaged culverts and reconstruct the washed-out parts of the roadway.

Crosby Street: This street will remain closed due to a major washout. State officials are working with the town to develop a plan to repair the damage.

In addition to storm repairs, Tyler said DPW crews are also working on the scheduled summer crack-sealing project this week on the roadways of Sunny Acres, Meadowbrook Road, Greenleaf Street, Upper Dummerston Road, and Sherwood Circle.

For more information, contact the Department of Public Works at 802-254-4255.

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