From Vermont Theatre Company

BRATTLEBORO — The Vermont Theatre Company would like to thank Mindy Haskins Rogers and The Commons editor, Jeff Potter, for bringing such a difficult community topic to our attention. We at Vermont Theatre Company stand with the survivors of sexual abuse and assault and encourage them to bring their stories forward when they feel comfortable doing so.

We acknowledge that our 2009 production of The Lift caused mixed feelings and was triggering for some. We are truly sorry for any pain that we caused. We strive to examine our productions using a socially conscious lens to bring high-quality, progressive theater to the community.

The VTC board has recently instituted a new code of conduct, which applies to our members, our performers, and our audience. Our goal is that all participants and patrons of Vermont Theatre Company shows feel safe, heard, and supported. We apologize to anyone who has felt uncomfortable during a Vermont Theatre Company production and are committed to continual growth in our understanding, sensitivity, and inclusion.

In solidarity with these goals, the Vermont Theatre Company will be donating a portion of our box office revenue for the 2021–2022 season to Windham County Safe Place Child Advocacy Center, which assists survivors of physical and sexual violence in opening an investigation and facilitating support services so that they may start on the path toward healing.

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