Vermont Independent Media announces participatory journalism project

BRATTLEBORO — Vermont Independent Media (VIM), publisher of The Commons, announces the Media Mentoring Project, which is a participatory journalism project that seeks to assist area residents in building writing, journalism and other media literacy skills.

“In the belief that a vibrant democracy requires an informed, empowered, and vocal citizenry, VIM endeavors to empower residents to become re-involved in their media - to see it once again as a town square, a vehicle for a community to debate and investigate,” the VIM board wrote in a news release.

VIM plans to present four workshops starting in September - one a month - to address several aspects of the media equation: how people receive media, how they can to contribute to it, and how they interpret it.

Topics to be covered include: how to write an effective press release, writing a letter to the editor or an opinion piece, what makes a compelling lead, how to get coverage of your event, and how to determine “fake” news from fact-based reporting.

Local reporters from a variety of media, along with public relations experts, will conduct the workshops in local venues.

VIM's Media Mentoring Project has future plans to expand into the schools to help young people find their voice, among other opportunities to help build informed and engaged citizens.

Brattleboro Savings & Loan will help sponsor the initial fall series of workshops.

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