Accurately teaching U.S. history is not an act of hatred

GUILFORD — Emily Peyton's demand for Rep. Mike Mrowicki's resignation is a textbook example of using emotional rhetoric when you have nothing substantial to say.

To read Peyton's letter is to leave the reader wondering what Mrowicki's act of hatred was - it offers you no clue. Even when you slog through her repeated accusations of hatred and protestations of love, you will arrive at the end still trying to identify her precise point.

To borrow a line from Shakespeare's Macbeth, Peyton's letter is “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Mrowicki makes a simple and concise argument in his original commentary: Vermont schools need to be accurate and truthful in their portrayal of American history, and we should avoid emotional and irrational distractions by those who seek to disrupt this effort.

In my opinion, a reasoned debate of any issue is always welcome. However, rhetoric that fails to rise above the laziness of personal attack does not deserve the same consideration.

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