Fall water main flushing begins Thursday, Sept. 23

BRATTLEBORO — Utilities Division crews from the Department of Public Works will start fall flushing of the town water mains on Thursday, Sept. 23 at 10 p.m. and continue work through Saturday, Oct. 9.

Some daytime flushing will continue throughout the weeks of Oct. 10 and 17.

Water main flushing will occur during both night (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.) and day (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Customers are asked to check the work schedule closely, as flushing causes water discoloration, low water pressure and, in some areas, periods of no water.

Some users have recently noticed discoloration of their water. According to the Public Works Department, “unprecedented rainfall” has added color from dissolved wood and vegetation compounds in the source water.

“Additional organics accumulated in the distribution system is the cause of the discoloration,” department officials wrote. “The water is safe to drink.”

The department tests the water throughout the distribution system daily and “flushing the water mains will improve the situation.”

The town is constructing a new water treatment facility, which will improve its ability to treat the water supply during unusual conditions.


Thursday, Sept. 23 - Night: Marlboro Road area and Stockwell Drive. Water will be off for several hours on Carriage Hill, Yorkshire Circle, and Hampshire Circle.

Friday, Sept. 24 - Night: Marlboro Road area and Western Avenue from the Chelsea Royal Diner on Marlboro Road to Melrose Terrace.

Saturday, Sept. 25 - Night: Western Avenue from Edward Heights to I-91. Water will be off for several hours on Signal Hill, Hillcrest Terrace, Carriage Hill, Hampshire Circle, Yorkshire Circle, Greenleaf Street, Country Hill, Green Meadow, South Street, Thayer Ridge, West Village Meeting House, New England Drive, and Brattle Street.

Sunday, Sept. 26 - Night: Western Avenue from I-91 to Green Street/Crosby Street/Williams Street area. Water will be off for several hours on Signal Hill, Hillcrest Terrace, Solar Hill, Greenhill Parkway, Brattle Street, and New England Drive.

Monday, Sept. 27 - Day: Bonnyvale Road, Glen Street, Carriage Hill. Night: Cedar Street, Spruce Street area, Greenhill Parkway, Chestnut Hill, Green Street, High Street and School Street area.

Tuesday, Sept. 28 - Day: Greenleaf Street area; Sherwood Hollow and Westgate area. Water will be off from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Greenleaf Street, Green Meadow, and Country Hill. Night: Guilford Street, Signal Hill, Hillcrest Terrace, Maple Street, Chestnut Street, and Esteyville area.

Wednesday, Sept. 29 - Day: Greenhill Parkway, New England Drive, Edward Heights, and Lawton Drive. Night: Canal Street from Fairview Street south to John Seitz Drive, Fairview Street, Ledgewood Heights, Winter Street, Fairground Road, Atwood Street, and Sunny Acres.

Thursday, Sept. 30 - Day: SIT Graduate Institute, Dickinson Road, Kipling Road, and Black Mountain Road. Night: Canal Street from Main Street to Fairground Road, Lexington Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Horton Place, Homestead Place, Brook and Clark Street area, Flat Street, and Elliot Street (east end).

Friday, Oct. 2 - Night: Prospect Street, South Main Street, Marlboro Avenue area, Frost Street, Elliot Street (west end).

Saturday, Oct. 2 - Night: Clark Avenue, Moreland Avenue, Mountain View, Baldwin Street, Oak Grove, and Pine Street area.

Sunday, Oct. 3 - Night: Washington Street area, South Main from Lawrence Street to Prospect Street.

Monday, Oct. 4 - Night: Cotton Mill Hill, Vernon Road, Morningside Commons.

Tuesday, Oct. 5 - Night: Oak Street area, Main Street area.

Wednesday, Oct. 6 - Night: Linden Street, Route 30, Putney Road from Park Place to Vermont Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Thursday, Oct. 7 - Night: Vermont Avenue and Eaton Avenue, Terrace Street, Tyler Street, Walnut Street, and Wantastiquet Drive.

Friday, Oct. 8 - Day: Exit 1 and Old Guilford Road to Welcome Center. Night: Putney Road from Vermont Veterans Memorial Bridge to Exit 3.

Saturday, Oct. 9 - Night: Putney Road north of Exit 3, Ferry Road, Glen Orne Drive.

Tuesday, Oct. 12 - Flushing of the water mains in Tri-Park Cooperative Housing and Deepwood Drive developments. Morning: Lower section to include Village Drive, Valley Road, Maplewood Drive, Edgewood Drive, Lynwood Drive, Reservoir Road, Hemlock Drive, Woodvale, and the lower part of Winding Hill Road. Afternoon: Upper section to include upper part of Winding Hill Road, Deepwood Drive, Stonewall Drive, Record Drive, Autumn Hill, Windward Drive, and the rest of Lynwood Drive.

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