Voters to consider Australian ballot for 2022 Annual Town Meeting

MARLBORO — A Special Town Meeting will be held on Saturday, Dec. 18, at noon, outdoors in front of the Town House at 13 Town Hill Rd. in Marlboro Center, where voters will address the method of conducting both the Town and School portions of Town Meeting on March 1, 2022.

This meeting will follow the format of the traditional Town Meeting floor vote, in that the vote will be by voice (or paper ballot, but not Australian ballot, if called for by a registered voter).

Participants are asked to wear a face mask to this public meeting.

With recent COVID-19 infections at their highest level since the pandemic started, the Town Clerk and Selectboard say they feel an in-person meeting in the small Town House “is too risky for public health.”

Therefore, this vote will decide if all the articles of Town and School business at Town Meeting 2022 shall be conducted as it was in 2021: only by Australian ballot.

This change can be reversed to the traditional floor vote by another Special Town Meeting once conditions improve.

As with Town Meeting 2021, non-binding informational meetings for both portions of the proceedings will occur remotely on Zoom within the preceding 10 days.

All active voters on the town checklist will be mailed their ballots by the statutory deadline, with postage paid in both directions.

For more information, contact the town clerk's office at [email protected] or 802-254-2181.

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