Police, victim advocacy nonprofit encourage survivors from BUHS to reach out

BRATTLEBORO — Since publication of a Viewpoint in The Commons [“No more secrecy,” Voices, Aug. 11] that exposed investigations into former Brattleboro Union High School teacher Zeke Hecker's conduct with students, Mindy Haskins Rogers says people have been coming forward with stories of grooming and abuse there.

Now she wants the community to know that “local law enforcement is interested in hearing from anybody who has been affected by sexual abuse or sexual assault at Brattleboro Union High School.”

Haskins Rogers also wants survivors to know that Samantha Prince, a forensic interviewer at Windham County Safe Place, who has years of experience helping survivors tell and record what happened to them, is a resource to whom they can speak freely and confidentially.

“Survivors are given complete control over the process and any investigation that may result,” she says. “They can step away at any time.”

Windham County Safe Place Child Advocacy Center began as a special investigative unit (Southeastern Unit for Special Investigations) in 2007, and in 2010 the Child Advocacy Center component was added. The nonprofit serves survivors of physical or sexual abuse of all ages.

To have a confidential conversation with Prince, call Windham County's Safe Place at 802-579-1358 or email [email protected].

Survivors can also speak with Detective Jeremy Evans at the Brattleboro Police Department at 802-257-7946.

For more information about Windham County Safe Place, visit

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