Herron and King both have deep respect for the land

GUILFORD — It's time to vote! Man, is it ever.

Over the past couple of years, I have been trying to educate myself about - dare I say it - government: first, our federal government, and now, our town government.

Last week, while watching a “special” Guilford Selectboard meeting, I decided to ask about the funding for a new addition to our town library.

I kind of got the runaround. In fact, not “kind of,” - I did get the runaround, an incomplete answer to my question.

Of course, I accepted the answer given, but I should have continued to question. Unfortunately, I did not.

Soon, it will be time to vote in Guilford - Tuesday, March 1, to be exact.

As it turns out - and to my surprise - two people who I actually know(!) are running as new Selectboard members: my hard-working neighbor, Jason Herron, and my hard-working co-worker, Lynn Latulippe King.

And I know why they are both going down this political road.

Although they are both very much their own person, they both have deep respect for the land. Lynn grew up a farmer's daughter in Guilford and is now a teacher. And Jason has just begun to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a maple farmer.

Jason and Lynn are forging ahead because of their love of the land and their firsthand experience with government overreach. They are both bold and thoughtful questioners. I know that each of them will fight to keep our Guilford properties protected from insidious outside interests, to review and work to lessen our tax burdens, and to question - and make clear - our town's budget proposals.

Our heritage is being stripped away right before our eyes.

They both have my vote - a vote for the individual and the community, for “we the people” who work right alongside them, day in and day out. I wish them strength as they move ahead.

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