Herron: open, sincere, and honest

GUILFORD — I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Herron this past fall when I attended a Constitution Alive course in Guilford. Jason was the coach/instructor for the course, which he willingly volunteered to do for 10 weeks.

One of the first things that impressed me about Jason was his passion for the Constitution as well as his knowledge and sincerity.

Jason defines himself as an independent and welcomes all opinions. He encourages all of us to learn, study, and teach the Constitution so we know the freedoms of living in this country.

Now, Jason - who identified himself as a tree farmer and as having no interest in politics - has decided to help us here in Guilford by running for Selectboard.

I'm hoping and encouraging others to vote for Jason. He has no hidden agenda ; he is neither part of a ruling elite nor a lifelong politician. He is extremely open, sincere, and honest, and he will represent the regular people here in Guilford. It's time for a change.

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