Golub, Chevalier, Johnson-Alpin: vision, energy, commitment, and experience

WILLIAMSVILLE — A 26-year resident of Williamsville in the town of Newfane, I support Ann Golub, Jeff Chevalier, and Katy Johnson-Aplin for election or re-election to the Selectboard.

Currently on the Selectboard, Ann represents Newfane on the Windham Regional Planning Commission; she's the Selectboard's liaison to our town's planning commission; and she has put ample hours and effort into preparing us for the receipt of federal American Rescue Plan Act funds. She is a real asset to our town.

Jeff, a small-business owner, seeks a Selectboard seat, he says, to do his part to help the town be the best place it can be.

Katy Johnson-Aplin, a lifelong resident of Newfane and a product of our schools is currently serving on the selectboard. I strongly urge her re-election.

The vision, energy, commitment, and experience of these three candidates combined will yield a great contribution to the Selectboard and to the town.

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