In support of Eastes and Becker

GUILFORD — We are three of the “ousted” members of the Guilford Planning Commission, and we are writing to help dispel the rumors that are circulating that the entire former Planning Commission has negative feelings toward the current Guilford Selectboard.

We are not angry, and we understand why the decision to disband the Planning Commission was made.

We were unhappy with the process by which the Selectboard made the decision, and the manner in which it was communicated. However, we also agree that the former Planning Commission was not operating in a way that respected all members' opinions and inputs.

We believe the Selectboard as a whole is a transparent and functional group that has the best interests of our town at heart, and we strongly support the re-election of Zon Eastes and Michael Becker.

In full transparency, one of us (Jethro) is also now a member of the new Planning Commission.

You are welcome to reach out to any of us individually for more information, but we hope this helps calm the harmful environment of speculation that has been circulating since the dismissal.

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