Artu: honesty, transparency, and integrity

ATHENS — I have had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand how Wichie Artu shows up to ensure all are getting their needs met and doing what he can to serve those in his community.

Yes, it is wonderful to have a state Senate candidate from our little hilltown of Athens, but that in and of itself would not be enough to garner my support. It is the honesty, transparency, and integrity that he brings to all that he takes on.

I've worked with him now on two town committees and have seen firsthand the value he has brought to those efforts.

I've seen him raise critical questions in a respectful manner during heated discussions at board meetings or Town Meetings.

I've seen the energy and passion he has for effective and responsive systems that address community needs.

Wichie truly loves his community - be that our little town of Athens or the whole of Windham County and the state of Vermont. He is smart, sensitive, and compassionate - great qualities to bring to the State House on our behalf.