Balint: a fighter, defender, and peacemaker

PUTNEY — August will bring an important primary election for our state - for U.S. House seat. I will be supporting Becca Balint.

Having served in the Vermont Senate with Becca for eight years, I have seen firsthand how she works, what her values are, and how she will represent Vermont.

She is great on the issues, including foundations of democracy, support for working Vermonters, support of small business, equity and justice, public education, women's rights, child care, transparent government.

But more importantly, she has great leadership skills. Becca has a healthy attitude of listening to differing perspectives and a willingness to work to get things done while holding on to her values.

Her respect for the foundations of democracy - voting, participating, connecting - is evident in both her voting record and her lifelong participation in community and state issues.

During her fourth term, she was trusted by all 29 other Senators to represent us as president pro tempore (pro tem) of the Senate.

The role of pro tem should not be underestimated. She had to represent the Senate, make sure that agendas proceeded smoothly, work with committee chairs, recognize all the views of 29 other Senators, take into account both the majority and minority parties, and work with them in a way to get things accomplished.

The job is difficult under the best of circumstances, and we were in the middle of a pandemic. Becca led us through 1{1/2} years of legislating over Zoom. It was challenging, exhausting, and frustrating for her - she could not meet individually, could not sit down with folks, could not meet with advocates and constituents. But she succeeded, she led us to success, and she did so gracefully and with patience.

I will not elaborate on the great work that was done during this session - others have done so. But what would have been an impressive list in normal times in these circumstances was monumental.

Becca will bring all of these qualities to work for all Vermonters in Washington. She may not know just exactly how Washington works, but she knows how people work, and her skills will be those needed. She is the only candidate that has actually done the hard work of policy making and has the experience it takes to get things done.

Becca Balint will bring a passion and a level head that is much needed in Washington. We look to our leaders to be fighters, defenders, and peacemakers. She knows when and how to be each of these.

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