Bos-Lun: a positive impact in her first term

WESTMINSTER — Throughout the past nearly two years in her first term as a legislator, Michelle Bos-Lun has made a positive impact, particularly in the areas of education, human rights, the environment, and justice reform.

She approaches her role with dedication, thoroughness, and principle. She listens, asks questions, seeks diverse opinions, and takes initiative to address issues of concern. Adding to those attributes, she is accessible and a clear communicator.

One example of her accessibility is the monthly meetings with constituents she has held via Zoom with her colleague, Rep. Mike Mrowicki, since elected.

Although she and Mike will no longer be serving in the same district, Michelle will continue to offer those monthly opportunities to talk with her. I have joined them monthly since she was elected. I am always impressed by her cogent summaries of the issues and her openness to questions and suggestions.

She is also proactive. She reached out to me to learn more about some of the education-related issues in our area in my role as chair of the Westminster School Board and as a member of the board of the Windham Northeast Supervisory Union. She is a strong and informed advocate for children and youth.

I had met Michelle only casually before her candidacy two years ago. Learning about her background and interests when she first ran for office, I chose to support her then. I am even more dedicated in my support for her candidacy now.

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