Bos-Lun: a wide range of real-life experience in Vermont and the world

WINDHAM — Many folks in Rockingham and Brookline know Rep. Leslie Goldman because she has so ably served them in the State House this biennium, but may not be as familiar with Michelle Bos-Lun, who has also served this biennium but from another district.

I have known Michelle Bos-Lun for nearly 20 years, initially as a constituent; later as director of a high school career development program and as a volunteer and advocate at Windham Elementary School; and for the past two years as a colleague in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Michelle has worked with people in many roles in our community. She has worked with youth in schools as a teacher and program director. She has worked in restorative justice with people returning to the community after incarceration. She has worked with people who lacked stable housing at Youth Services. She has worked with youth from places like Iraq, Ireland, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., as well as with students from all over Vermont with the Governor's Institute for Global Issues and Youth Action.

Michelle has real-life experience with a wide range of people from around Vermont and around the world. One reason I support her candidacy is her wide range of professional and personal experiences with individuals facing many challenges. I know she understands many complex problems and works hard to seek solutions.

Michelle has served as a board member for Health Care and Rehabilitation Services and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She has volunteered as a community educator regarding mental health and the family, as well as serving as a family support group facilitator. She seeks to learn about challenges facing our communities and to constructively find ways to address those challenges, both individually and systemically.

Michelle lives in Westminster with her family and, due to redistricting, the towns she will serve if re-elected will include Rockingham and Brookline. I have served these towns for 20-plus years and am confident that she will do an excellent job listening to the needs and concerns of people and representing them effectively in the State House.

I know that the voters of the Windham-3 district will be well-served by electing Rep. Michelle Bos-Lun, as well as my current district-mate, Rep. Leslie Goldman. Your vote is your voice!

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