Bos-Lun: on top of key issues for all Vermonters

PUTNEY — With the release of the census data comes redistricting in Vermont, which tries to assign one representative for every 4,200 constituents. Because Windham County lost about 17 percent of its population since the last census, Putney and Dummerston have lost one representative: Michelle Bos-Lun.

This is great news for folks living in Westminster, Brookline, and Rockingham, the towns in her new district. As a current constituent, I want to introduce you to Michelle Bos-Lun.

Michelle serves on the House Committee on Corrections and Institutions, which submitted a budget that increased funds for public housing, clean water, and state park improvements.

To highlight some of her other Montpelier activities: Michelle co-sponsored the child care bill, which both increased affordability of quality child care for families, and the Youth Council bill, which passed in 2022. She co-sponsored the community schools bill, which passed in 2021.

She did intensive work this year with students around the state from VSARN (Vermont Students Anti-Racism Network) to develop a vision of how to support schools working against racism.

She also regularly attends the Social Equity Caucus in the State House to keep aware of challenges and pending solutions to a range of Vermont social justice issues, including health care, economic, and racial justice issues.

Michelle Bos-Lun is on top of key issues for all Vermonters. Please go to an event where she is speaking to hear her understanding of the issues for yourself.

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