Hashim: committed to addressing roots of opioid crisis

DUMMERSTON — I first met Nader Hashim in 2016 while he was still a state trooper. As a participant at the Putney Huddle, my first impression of Nader was that he was genuinely curious, asked intelligent questions, and listened actively to those in his community.

When he ran for state representative, I was proud to be able to vote for someone who used these skills to learn about how our community is affected by the opioid crisis, someone who is committed to addressing its roots. I appreciate his work in the House of Representatives on this issue, as well as on fair and impartial policing and in addressing climate change.

I absolutely feel we need a leader like Nader in the state Senate - someone who engages the community and cares about the things that matter to us. He is the only candidate supported by Planned Parenthood of Vermont Action Fund, and as a state representative, he also has supported Proposal 5 to protect reproductive rights.

For all of these reasons, I'm grateful for his candidacy and urge voters to vote for Nader on Aug. 9.

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