How does a snarky takedown of almost all the candidates help?

WESTMINSTER WEST — Since you ask, Dan DeWalt, I do think your column is an exercise in cynicism, and very poorly timed.

We are at a moment in history when we can either support the institutions of our democracy or stand a good chance of losing them. How does a snarky, superior-sounding takedown of almost all the candidates help that?

We have some excellent choices here in Vermont. I wish I could vote for more than one U.S. House candidate.

Honestly, we face this current crisis because the right has been self-disciplined for decades, the left has been holier-than-thou, and the average person has checked out. That's in part because they don't like either of the extremes, and that's mostly what makes it into print and onto screens.

It's time for our side to take a few lessons from the opposition - only a few, and the right ones. We can't deny that they've been very successful over time while we have wavered between sneering and wringing our hands.

I think we're better than that, at least on our good days.

Vote, people! And then get someone else to vote. Thank you.

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