Artu: progressive ideas, collaborative problem solving

NEWFANE — Wichie Artu is the right person to be Windham County's next senator.

His experience with state policy making and helping craft state legislation has given him a strong foundation in the workings of Vermont state government.

Wichie has immense experience organizing large groups of people with differing viewpoints and bringing them all to the table. He also has a background in consensus-based decision-making that will put him in good stead for nuts-and-bolts policy making in the State House.

He is a policy and data nerd who is happy to go the extra mile to make sure he understands all sides of an issue before making a decision, and his recent “listening tours“ have shown how that will bear out when he gets to in Montpelier.

No other candidate for this seat is meeting with every conceivable group of stakeholders in the county to find out their concerns and ideas for solutions. He taps into the lived expertise of affected communities to find collaborative solutions to their concerns.

Wichie and I have worked together on a number of unrelated community service and policy-related projects over the last few years. I have been consistently impressed by his ability to see the strengths and growth areas in every project, ask hard questions that other people have not considered in a thoughtful and respectful way that invites dialogue, and consistently be one of the most reliable people in my networks.

Progressive ideas, collaborative problem solving, Vermont state law-making experience, and a background in making factual science work for community policy: that is why Wichie is for Windham.

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