Hashim: Sincere state trooper demonstrates good social values

PUTNEY — I vote for my values, and that is why I am voting for Nader Hashim for state senate.

I knew Nader as a state trooper in my area who I would talk to sometimes and see on social media. I liked his sincerity and honesty, his mind and memory for people, and the time that he gave to help causes and people in the community.

Now, after seeing what he has accomplished in the Legislature, I know that Nader is a powerful choice based on the clear knack for hard work and relationship-building that he demonstrated there.

As a friend to some of our delegates and local political personalities, I have learned that Nader is also a great collaborator, interested in moving the political wheels in a way that serves the people of Windham County and not his ego or self-interest.

Nader Hashim is living in service of the issues that he has identified, and he also dedicates enormous energy to ensure the movement of nontraditional and marginalized people into the light of political influence in our state.

As a teacher of environmental science, as a board member at Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, and as a member of this community for 30 years, I find that I can support not only Nader Hashim the person but also his positions. Right down the line, Nader is oriented toward climate and social justice and helping those vulnerable in a way that makes me proud of him.

His positions on housing, climate, and reproductive health care are dedicated to helping real Vermonters find justice. Add to this that Nader is a person of endless energy and complete transparency, and I think he is clearly the right person for this Vermont Senate seat.

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