Appreciation to those who served Holton Home residents beautifully

BRATTLEBORO — Aug. 11, 2022 marked the end of 130 years of continuous, loving care at Holton Home to the elderly citizens of our area as the last resident moved from Holton to Bradley House.

As a newly arrived family doctor nearly 50 years ago, I remember visiting patients at Holton Home and noting that all the residents appeared happy, comfortable, and content.

During the last 50 years, when I have frequently visited Holton as both a physician and as the son of a resident, I have continued to see happy, content people, often approaching me with a kind word and a smile.

I know that the residents and their families have been very pleased with the care they have received at Holton.

Times change and, with the added complications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the board of Garden Path Elder Living, which serves both Holton Home and Bradley House, had to make the very difficult decision to end Holton Home's long service to the people of our area.

While the final disposition of the beautiful, iconic building, built in 1892 through the leadership of Dr. Henry Holton, is yet to be determined, what is clear is that the wonderful people who have served our elderly so beautifully with their hard work, professionalism, and love cannot be thanked enough for making Holton the home it has been for so many for the past 130 years.

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