Candidate statement: Barry for assistant judge

BELLOWS FALLS — I am announcing my candidacy for Windham County assistant judge. I am running as an Independent candidate and ask for your support and vote in the general election Nov. 8.

Assistant judges are tasked with a position unique to Vermont to make sure the voice of the people is represented in the courts. The function of the assistant judge is limited to sitting beside the presiding judge in many family, civil, and relief from abuse matters to listen to the facts of the case.

Assistant judges are also tasked with the county business such as maintaining the historic Newfane County Courthouse and overseeing the budget and expense of the Windham County Sheriff's Office.

My work as a superior court clerk - for two years, the Windham County clerk - has provided me with knowledge of the court process while recording civil, family, and other court hearings.

I am familiar with the judicial computer database system, employees, presiding judges, court administrators, and security in both Windham County court houses.

As clerk of Windham County, I have established professional relationships with clerks and treasurers in county towns and have knowledge of the budget process, the expenses associated with the courthouse, the tax assessment to county towns, and the sheriff's department.

I am an active hospice and community resource volunteer, a lifelong Vermont resident, involved in town government in Westminster, and a licensed nursing assistant.

The assistant judge continues to be an important link between courts and communities in Vermont today. I am committed to listening to facts and offering an unbiased opinion to bring a fresh outlook to the position.

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