Residents of Wardsboro, Windham, and Londonderry can insulate their windows for winter


Town energy committees in Wardsboro, Windham, and Londonderry in collaboration with the WindowDressers organization offer assistance to residents to winterize their windows. They will sponsor a Community Build event at the Windham Meeting House from Friday, Nov. 11 through Wednesday, Nov. 16.

WindowDressers is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the warmth and comfort of interior spaces, lower heating costs, and reduce carbon dioxide pollution by producing low-cost insulating window inserts that function as custom, interior-mounted storm windows. The organization is staffed by community volunteers.

WindowDressers keeps insert prices exceptionally low through their nonprofit model of cooperative insert-building.

Interested parties should sign up for inserts (see contact information below). Trained volunteers will then make a house call to measure the windows and calculate an exact price for the inserts based on measurements of the windows. Payment is due at the time of the visit.

Those who sign up for the program are expected to participate in the Community Build where their inserts are made. Volunteers can sign up for a four-hour morning or afternoon shift. WindowDressers asks for one four-hour shift for every three to five inserts ordered.

People with limited income or those experiencing financial difficulty can inquire about the Special Rate Pricing Program, in which up to 10 inserts per season may be gained for no cost. Donations to support the Special Rate Program are always welcome.

Organizers say last November, the Community Build yielded 182 window inserts for 20 homeowners, the Wardsboro Methodist Church, and the Wardsboro Elementary School.

Residents who built and received inserts were enthusiastic about the results, organizers say.

To sign up for inserts, to volunteer, or to learn more, e-mail [email protected]. Direct orders for inserts may be placed at Additional information can be found on the Wardsboro Energy Committee website,

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