Madden muddies the water with abortion views

GUILFORD — The Republican party in Vermont is trying as hard as they can to muddy the waters about the choice women are able to make regarding keeping a pregnancy. Liam Madden, who is challenging Becca Balint, pretends to support women's right to choose, and yet he wants to get elected to the House of Representatives so he can be yet another man who is not a medical professional telling women what to do with our bodies.

I don't know where Madden has the idea that advocates of forced birth - who he labels as “concerned pro-lifers” (we will get into the mislabeling of these woman killers as pro-life) - support exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother. Maybe Madden does not read the same news I read, but I see Republican-dominated states passing legislation with no exceptions. None.

This means that doctors are afraid to treat ectopic pregnancies, pregnant people with cancer, people who have complications from miscarriages, and others. I have read numerous statements from killers who call themselves pro-life that every abortion is a murder, and women and medical professionals need to be arrested and charged, regardless of the circumstances.

None of these people are pro-life. If they really cared about life, they would be working for health care and housing for all these babies they insist must be born. They would be working for paid parental leave so women can actually care for these babies they are forced to carry. They would be working to ban carcinogenic chemicals that damage infants in the womb, and they would show a bit of compassion for women with cancer who need to abort to stay alive to care for the children they already are raising, as well as for women with life-threatening conditions such as ectopic pregnancies.

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