Coffey: offered support for businesses during Covid

GUILFORD — I happily endorse Sara Coffey for state representative for the Windham-1 district.

As a small-business owner and citizen of Guilford, I think back to when Covid first started to shut down our local economy. Sara personally reached out to offer support, as she was keenly aware of how hard it was going to be on the area's small businesses.

She continued to check in throughout the worst of the pandemic, and I think it helped people to understand that there was someone who was invested in their care and well-being, someone who was asking, “How are you, and what do you need?”

She was always willing to listen to my concerns and to provide valuable resources for families and individuals. I have since talked to many people in our town who had similar experiences with Sara and who felt the same way.

To this day, I see Sara display incredible amounts of compassion and dedication to her constituency. Her caring, selfless approach to her legislative duties continue to impress me.

Whether it is addressing issues in early childhood education at the local level or gathering important feedback about local employment opportunities, her desire to understand the issues facing these rural economies and communities is inspiring.

Sara has the unique ability to dig deep into issues and work to find creative solutions that help to benefit all. I continually thank her for her tireless public service and look forward to supporting her now and in future elections. We are all so lucky to have her representing us!

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