Roberts: commitment to effective public service

HALIFAX — Tristan Roberts has earned my support in the upcoming election to represent the Windham-6 district in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Tristan has proven his commitment to effective public service. In recent years he has served as energy coordinator for the town of Halifax. He chairs Halifax's Broadband Committee, which is making remarkable progress toward bringing reliable internet service to our town.

Tristan also serves on the Halifax Selectboard. Tristan has grown into this position with grace, civility, and equanimity. He is calm, articulate, and a good listener.

In his campaign, Tristan has earned the support of neighbors with whom I do not always agree but I always respect. This indicates that he will competently represent all the people in his district.

Tristan's background in business, technology, and budget will bring essential skills to the Vermont House of Representatives. For these many reasons, I will vote for him.

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