Roberts: Former rep says he will be especially effective

WILMINGTON — I support Tristan Roberts' candidacy to represent Halifax, Whitingham, and Wilmington, in Vermont's House of Representatives.

During the past few months, I have gotten to know Tristan through his writing, his website, in-person conversations, and attending September's candidates' forum at Memorial Hall in Wilmington. He is an effective communicator. He speaks and writes with clarity.

Tristan has a firm understanding of the issues facing Vermont and the residents of the Windham-6 district. If there is an issue he is not familiar with, he'll commit to learning about it.

If Tristan's campaign is any indication, he is genuinely dedicated to listening to and learning from the concerns and opinions of the voters. I noticed that at the conclusion of the candidates forum he reached out to various members of the audience to better understand their points of view.

Tristan is not an ideologue. He impresses me as a pragmatic problem solver, someone who, if he is elected, will study an issue, listen to his constituents, and vote accordingly. He is someone who is willing and able to work with others for the sake of progress.

Politics in Vermont is a highly interactive human endeavor. Tristan's interpersonal skills and his experience working with Vermonters from all walks of life will serve him well if he is elected.

From 1987 to 1997 I had the honor of serving this district as its state representative. Based on my experience in this role, I believe Tristan will be an especially effective state representative.

Please join me in voting for Tristan Roberts for state representative.

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