Hashim: a peacemaker and a consensus-builder

GUILFORD — I am writing to share my support for Nader Hashim for Windham State Senate, a candidate who brings together kindness and competence, humility and insight.

Political conversation is often harsh and divisive these days. Differences can turn quickly into personal attacks. Nader Hashim is a peacemaker and a consensus-builder.

Recently, when Nader met with some community members in Guilford, I was so impressed with his curiosity as a listener and by his thoughtful, deliberate responses to thorny questions. There were no talking points, no set pieces - just honest answers based on his own experience and his personal search for remedies for our most difficult challenges.

As a former Vermont state trooper and state representative, Nader has worked hard to meet the needs and address the concerns of neighbors throughout our county. He is committed to addressing the housing crisis, preserving our environment, encouraging rural economic development, and protecting our most vulnerable neighbors.

I will be proud to have him serve as our state senator.

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