WCHS launches annual pet food drive

BRATTLEBORO — With an increase in the number of pet owners accessing the nonprofit's Pet Food Pantry at 916 West River Rd. and a decline in pet food donations to the shelter, the Windham County Humane Society (WCHS) is looking to restock during the organization's second annual Pet Food Drive, from Saturday, Nov. 12 to Tuesday, Nov. 22.

The shelter staff and volunteers replenish the Pet Food Pantry daily. Each week, more than 250 pounds of dog and cat food and 100 cans of wet pet food are packaged for households. The shelter offers up to one week's worth of food per pet.

“We know providing supplementary food support keeps pets in their homes rather than giving them up to a shelter or rescue due to financial reasons,” WCHS Executive Director Maya Richmond said in a news release.

Keri Roberts, the shelter's director of operations, said that one person “comes on behalf of her elderly neighbor who lives on 'the edge of our county' and doesn't have a way to get here on her own [...] but she loves her dog. Her dog keeps her going.”

WCHS hopes to stock the pantry shelves during the Pet Food Drive with enough dog and cat food to last them until January.

One Stop Country Pet Supply at 648 Putney Rd., has collection bins, or people can drop off unopened pet food at the shelter on 916 West River Rd. (Route 30).

A wish list of brands is also available on the WCHS website.

Cash donations for pet food can be sent to P.O. Box 397, Brattleboro, VT 05301, or made via the website. Please add a note: “For pet food.”

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