Solutions to crime start with demands to state lawmakers, not blaming Trump

Nancy Braus writes that the Republican solution to crime is to “lock away all Black men,” which seems to imply she thinks only Black men commit crimes and that skin color matters when police try to stop crime. She also says that arrest and prison, as well as “catch and release,” do not stop crime.

She proposes having a private security service -unarmed - to walk downtown at night. Who does she think would want that responsibility and the risk?

Perhaps Braus can set aside her obsession with Donald Trump and take a look at the area's state representatives, all of whom are Democrats, and demand action.

The two-party system is a failure. Neither party truly cares about “Main Street,” they care about their own interests and re-election.

Some might even go so far as to say it isn't “fair” that Braus owns her own business, while those robbing her don't. Many times “inequity” is defined as one person having something another doesn't so it justifies the “taking” Braus inexplicably blames on her favorite topic: Trump.

I suggest that Braus acknowledge which political party controls her state, and has for a very long time, and demand solutions.

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