We need data to look at charter question objectively and compassionately

BRATTLEBORO — I have read everything I could find about the proposed “just cause eviction” amendment to the Brattleboro Town Charter. Today, I feel certain I know where I stand; tomorrow, I will stand on the other side.

One day, I am swayed by the arguments of tenants, and the next day I am swayed by the arguments of landlords. Both sides’ stories are compelling, but all I’ve seen so far are stories and anecdotes. The numbers would help me (and perhaps other residents) to make up my mind about how I will vote.

How many people have been kicked out of their apartments by landlords — individuals and corporations — looking to get rich (richer?) by renting to higher income people?

How many leases were not renewed because of belligerence, drug dealing, damage to property, or disrespecting the rights of others?

If you are on the landlord’s side of things, or the tenant’s side, please provide some data that would help us look at this situation both objectively and compassionately so that we will make a good decision for our town and our neighbors.

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