McLoughlin: clearheaded, compassionate, collegial, no-nonsense attitude

BRATTLEBORO — I support Elizabeth McLoughlin's candidacy for a three-year seat on the Selectboard, and I urge readers to do the same.

Liz has been engaged deeply in a wide range of roles supporting our community since she first moved here. With her degrees and experience in the areas of town planning, environmental planning, and housing, she has brought a wealth of relevant knowledge to her work on the board over the past four years, and she is clearly well-versed regarding the range of challenges that face our town.

Equally importantly, she is familiar with the current resources - both structural and human - available to address these challenges, and she has excellent ideas about how they can best be coordinated and developed.

The breadth of institutional knowledge Liz has accumulated over her years of service are a valuable resource for our town, and that makes her an ideal person to help address the often-interrelated issues of homelessness, mental health, crime, and drug abuse that confront Brattleboro today. She will continue to bring a clearheaded, compassionate, collegial, no-nonsense attitude to her work on the Selectboard.

So vote for her.

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