Where are the bike lanes in Brattleboro?

GUILFORD — Just as the repaving of Route 9 in Brattleboro did not yield so much as an inch of bike lanes, now we have the state pouring huge amounts of money into Route 30: new guard rails, paving, etc. Where are the bike lanes?

I was in the Burlington area this summer: beautiful bike lanes. I just drove on Route 9 in western Massachusetts: brand new bike lanes.

Why is Brattleboro the last place in New England to have any bike lanes? We bike plenty here, and plenty of bikers have been injured or even killed by cars. We have activists who work to promote biking.

Yet, whenever the state chooses to upgrade a road, bike lanes are not even in the plans. And the Putney Road project that allegedly will make Putney Road safe for bikers is stalled again and again - they claim they will get to it someday, but it is going on 20 years, and work has not even begun.

What do we need to do to get a fair shake for bikers in southern Vermont?

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