Our Town is hurting

BRATTLEBORO — Our Town is hurting

Our Town, full of playful spirit, friendly faces

good hearts, is hurting.

Young people taken from us

suddenly, seeming without reason,

a woman who chose to help the less fortunate

taken from us brutally.

The very trees seem to have lost their ability,

their desire to stand upright, strong

undermined by the soil they root in

their trunks ravaged, branches

littering the muddy ground.

* * *

But we are undeterred:

there is too much Life here,

young, creative force

that can't be brought down.

What will be our part?

But first we must weep

and from the tears our hearts open

from grief to compassion.

Our tears will clear vision.

We'll find our way to belief and love.

-A. Distler

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