Don't blame opponents of Putney project for rise in costs

PUTNEY — The article was very interesting and informative. However, I take issue with Elizabeth Bridgewater's insinuation that those who oppose the Windham-Windsor Housing Trust's proposed building project in Putney are responsible for the increase in costs for the project.

Once again, it seems that citizens who have every civil and legal right to oppose this building project in the only green space in downtown Putney are being shamed into silence.

Why doesn't WWHT do what it has historically been so good at doing - which is to redevelop an existing building to provide the 25 housing units in Windham County?

According to Craig Miskovich - as quoted earlier in the article - it costs something like four or five times more to put up a new structure than to redevelop an existing building.

WWHT decided to fight this battle regardless of the opposition of the many residents of Putney who object to this project. There have been alternate sites suggested, but they are apparently doggedly inflexible and dismissive about what those many residents want for the future of their town.

So who is to blame for the increased costs?

This Voices Letters from readers was submitted to The Commons.

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