Putney Landing: A community functioning as a really wonderful place

BRATTLEBORO — I wanted to drop a note of appreciation to the team at Windham-Windsor Housing Trust, the residents at Putney Landing, and the Putney Foodshelf.

On Aug. 3, Barbara Carey (Support and Services at Home wellness nurse) and I were at Putney Landing for the Putney Foodshelf's food drop. It was beautiful. In every way.

The little community gardens were busting at the seams, almost every entrance way was decorated in inviting and colorful ways (lights, chairs, decorations), and the buildings fit the site so nicely.

But the best part was just being in the community functioning as a really wonderful place.

Neighbors were making sure everyone knew about the food. They were packing food bags for neighbors who were at work. They stored the frozen meats in their freezers until folks got home. They were also driving each other to doctor appointments. Kids were engaging.

In light of the negative narratives that circulate the internet, it's empowering to be validated, once again, that good work that matters happens across this entire organization.

Thanks for creating, maintaining, and supporting this little community - and all the others!

This Voices Letters from readers was submitted to The Commons.

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