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Estey Organ Museum plans annual re-homing session

BRATTLEBORO — For anyone who has wished for a parlor organ in their parlor, or sought parts to repair a reed organ, or searched for well-aged pieces of black walnut, they are invited to Estey Organ Museum's (EOM) sixth annual re-homing season, in partnership with the Brattleboro Historical Society (BHS).

This season's events will be held Oct.7 and 14, from 2 to 4 p.m., at the museum at the rear of 108 Birge St., in Brattleboro. For more information, visit

These events, which began in the fall of 2015, are a way for EOM and BHS to get their duplicate and non-museum-quality organs into the hands of those who will use and enjoy them. This is consistent with part two of the Estey Museum's mission: "to promote the continued use and enjoyment of Estey organs."

"Many of the instruments could be rehabilitated by cleaning and bellows repair, but others are musically unusable," the museum stated in a news release. "Although purists may decry the idea of turning a musical instrument into a desk or liquor cabinet, that is still a way to respect and enjoy the fine woodworking and craftsmanship of Estey workers of long ago."

There will be several dozen restorable instruments available from the collections of both EOM and BHS. There are also a baby grand piano, wooden pipes, clamps, vintage cabinet-sized speakers, and several non-Estey reed organs, including a fully restored Sterling. Most of the unrestored organs are free, but donations are appreciated.

The museum's re-homings are open to all, but staff cannot deliver or ship instruments. They recommend bringing a pick-up truck.

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