In Stile Moderno presents 'Songs of Love and Suffering' at BMC

BRATTLEBORO — In Stile Moderno presents "Misero Amante: Songs of Love and Suffering" on Friday, Oct. 13 at the Brattleboro Music Center.

The program for the 7 p.m. concert invites the audience into the world of 17th-century Italy to indulge in every poet's favorite subject: the joys and pains of love.

From the thrill of first attraction to the disappointment of a bad break-up, "every moment of the lover's journey was captured by the most celebrated musicians of the era," say organizers, including Girolamo Kapsberger, Barbara Strozzi, Giulio Caccini, and Claudio Monteverdi. Alongside love songs and laments, the concert will showcase instrumental music for guitars, theorbo, recorder, and cornetto.

In Stile Moderno says it is thrilled to welcome lutenist Cameron Welke and multi-instrumentalist Dan Meyers to create "an enchanting sound world" of plucked, wind, and percussion instruments.

An ensemble for early music, In Stile Moderno was founded in Basel, Switzerland, in 2012 by Brattleboro soprano Agnes Coakley and lutenist/cornettist Nathaniel Cox. Named after the "modern style" of music which emerged in Italy around 1600, the ensemble is dedicated to music of the 17th century and combines fidelity to historical performance practice with a drive to make early music accessible and relevant to modern audiences.

Tickets are $20 general admission or $25 at the door, and are available at or by calling 802-257-4523. For more information, call the BMC or email [email protected].

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