“Baba” by Julia Volodina.
Courtesy photo
“Baba” by Julia Volodina.

Latchis Gallery features artist Julia Volodina

BRATTLEBORO — On Dec. 1, during Gallery Walk, artist Julia Volodina will bring her decades of experience as a portrait artist to a demonstration and discussion of portrait painting at the Latchis Gallery, part of the historic Art Deco hotel-theatre-pub complex at 50 Main St.

She'll create a watercolor portrait of one of the attendees, chosen at random, and speak about her approach to creating portraits and some of her experiences from all over the world painting people's faces.

The artist will be accepting commissions during her residency as Featured Artist at the Latchis Gallery.

Volodina, a resident of Brattleboro and Cañete La Real, Spain, completed rigorous art training in Russia, starting at age 12 through art college at the prestigious Saratov School of Art. Her work has been shown in Spain, Russia, Japan, Canada, and Brattleboro, and she has worked as a professional portrait artist for 30 years. She also hosts retreats/painting trips for artists to Spain.

Visit facebook.com/juliartvt for updates on her residency at the Latchis, and view her portfolio and full website at juliavermont.com.

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