The Soubrettes present a pair of concerts this month

The Soubrettes, a vocal ensemble led by Anna Patton under the umbrella of the Vermont Jazz Center, has two upcoming concerts featuring Patton's arrangements of original Patton family songs. This 20-member ensemble sings contemporary songs in Swing Era style on Dec. 9, at 7 p.m., at West Village Meetinghouse in West Brattleboro, and on Dec, 10, at 6 p.m., at the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Songs by Anna Patton's brother Ben have long been a mainstay of The Soubrettes' repertoire because of his knack for Cole-Porter-esque wordplay, plus melodies organizers say are worthy of Irving Berlin. By far the most prolific songwriter in the family, he has released fourteen albums of original songs, ranging from retro pop and folk to swing and jazz.

Ben's songs in this Soubrettes program include "Put It in a Pan and Fry It," "There Aren't Enough Love Songs" and, from his latest album, "Put on a Tie." Along with composing, Ben is a dedicated armchair scholar of the American Songbook, releasing a cover of an old American song each week on his Ben Sings Old Songs YouTube channel.

Anna Patton's original songs to be performed include "Pinwheel," a rumination on the joys of excess, and "Long Beard Wise," a romp through the modern-day muddle of trying to recognize wisdom amid its trappings. Deb Patton's "Disappointed Blues" is also on the program, and several trios and quartets will take center stage.

The entire Patton family is joining The Soubrettes for these concerts. Deb will add her voice on a song or two, and Will and Ben will accompany the group on bass and guitar respectively. In addition, Anna will play clarinet, and Sarah Hadley-Yakir will step out of the soprano section to appear as a guest fiddler.

Admission donations of $10 to $20 will help cover costs and support the scholarship fund at the Vermont Jazz Center.

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